The general rental conditions of the SAS SCORE Ltd Ensign: UTENSILES & VOUS U&V (hereinafter "these GLC") are concluded between on the one hand the SAS SCORE Ltd as described in the information "legal notices" and the CLIENT designating the person being identified and having placed an order for the rental of a product presented for rental via the website or directly in the shop at 2 rue Florence BLUMENTHAL 75016 PARIS


SAS SCORE Ltd UTENSILES & Vous  the following services:

- Renting is i.e. the provision of cooking and baking equipment.

- Possible transport (deposit and pick-up at the place defined when ordering).

Item 2. ORDER

Any order to be validated, must be signed and paid in advance with a credit card imprint as a deposit, excluding any additional costs.

- Detailed quote accepted by customer valid for one month.

Order profit is related to the ordering customer and cannot be transferred without USTENSILES ET Vous giving its consent. The order is acquired upon effective receipt. It may be modified, upwards, no later than 48 hours before the equipment rental service, subject to stock availability.

As soon as the settlement has been paid on the basis of an invoice, the order cannot be revised DOWN.

If customer wants to cancel or decrease part of his order, he will be asked, in order to compensate for U&V's shortfall, to replace these items with others. If this proposal does not suit him, a credit will be issued to him valid for one year.


The rates applied by UTENSILS&YOU for the rental of the various equipment offered are inclusive of tax, excluding transport, excluding insurance, excluding installation, excluding cleaning. Any supplement provided for in the order will be included in the amount thereof. Any unforeseen additional cost will be subject to additional invoicing. The initial prices may be modified upwards according to various criteria: contradictory inventory, delay in returning the equipment, broken equipment, burnt equipment, deformed equipment, equipment made dirty, additional hours of services in the event of delivery and recovery provided by UTENSILES & VOUS and other causes notified on order. Our rates may vary depending on the duration of the rental. They will be determined when ordering.


Easy-Location-Receipt can assure transport according to the timetables and the rates in force as specified on the order form. Any request for a specific schedule will be subject to a supplement defined on the order form. The cost of transport includes unloading and reloading each not exceeding 30 minutes. Any hindrance of any kind whatsoever and causing a delay will result in an additional cost calculated on the basis of €35/the hour started.

Transport does not involve any handling particular, installation or other... The material is deposited at the place indicated, as close as possible to the transport vehicle and taken back under the same conditions.

Client is requested to be present on site to receive his order, check it and help the driver transport the rented items.

If the bond has no been previously deposited in the file, the driver will claim it before any unloading.

Settlement of the entire the order will have been settled before taking the material or any delivery.

Freight costs will be determined in based on the mileage established between the departure from the USTENSILES&VOUS store and the outward and return delivery location. GOOGLE MAPS will be the sole reference for establishing the number of km to be invoiced.

Article 5. THE PAYMENT

The rental balance must be made at least 5 days before the service.

Any supplements defined upon receipt rented equipment will be subject to an additional invoice payable in cash. Payments are made in euros.

Article 6. CANCELLATION partial or full.

You have poured a DEPOSIT: it will be considered as acquired except in case of justified cancellation for force major (*)

You poured LE BALANCE: it can be returned if the cancellation takes place before the 15 days of the taking over and only if justified by force majeure (*).

If the cancellation occurs within 15 days before pick-up, it will not be returned.

If the cancellation is earlier than this period, it will be returned only on presentation of proof of force majeure. Otherwise, a credit note will be issued for a period of one year.

(*) because of the consequences it entails, the case law lays down several conditions for a case of force majeure to be legally recognized. She thus considers that the event

  • irresistible (it doesn't does not allow the execution of the contract to continue)</li >
  • unpredictable (it doesn't could not have been foreseen at the time of the conclusion of the contract).


For all orders, a check for guarantee will be requested from the customer at the time of the provision of the order check which will be returned to him only after control on the return or the resumption of the material and after collection of the invoices. The amount of this guarantee is determined according to the items rented. If significant damage was suffered by the equipment resulting in the reimbursement of large sums, the deposit check would remain on file until the customer approaches his insurance company to open a case file.


It will be processed the return of the guarantee after full payment of the rental service and any additional costs for missing items or damage or breakages. These possible additional cost invoices will be established after verification of all the equipment. Large equipment requiring assembly or electrical appliances needing to be checked may extend the time to 8 days.

Article 9. BILLING

It will be effective upon receipt of the balance of the payment of the order knowing that it must be made no later than 5 days before the provision of the equipment. An invoice for any additional costs in accordance with the general loss and/or breakage rates will also be issued if applicable.

Invoices will be issued in euros. The rent is due whether the equipment has been used or not. The amounts invoiced established on the basis of the tariffs are indisputable since accepted at the time of the order.


Our prices are established according to the scales drawn up by USTENSILES & VOUS listed on our site, catalogs and price offers. They are defined for a period of 48 hours. For a weekend rental, the equipment will be available on Friday afternoon and brought back or picked up on Monday afternoon according to the established schedules. If the day of collection or return is a public holiday, USTENSILES & VOUS grants you the right to advance or delay the deadline by one day without surcharge.

We reserve the right to practice decreasing rates according to the duration of the rental and will be defined when ordering. The accepted and validated order will formalize the rental period which will therefore be subject to point 8/ in the event of withdrawal.


The rental term as chosen by the customer and defined by mutual agreement between the latter and USTENSILES & VOUS will be stipulated and priced on the order. Any early pick-up under the terms of the contract will be subject to an increase of 50% of the rental amount for the first additional day and then 25% for the other days. These modifications must be subject to the agreement of USTENSILES & VOUS


a)The tenant accepts as is the material he has chosen and for which all usage information will have been given to him when ordering. No recourse is provided if the material chosen does not correspond to his needs. The tenant acknowledges having knowledge of the correct use of gas or electric and induction powered equipment, any useful explanation of which may be provided to him when ordering. He also acknowledges having read the safety rules and precautions to be observed for the use of this type of equipment.

b) The lessee agrees to be responsible for the use of the rented goods and to do nothing doing or letting things happen that could damage it. It will provide the power supply necessary for the proper functioning of the rented equipment according to the manufacturer's instructions and in accordance with the regulations in force. He is held responsible for the rented property from the moment it is made available until it is returned. No modification or transformation may be made to the rented equipment. The tenant is responsible for the proper return of the rented equipment and is therefore required to ensure that it is protected against any damage whatsoever (bad weather, electrical overload, accident, theft, vandalism, etc.).

c) The client will be asked to take out an insurance contract to guarantee his liability during the time he has custody of the equipment on the basis of the purchase value and to provide the certificate to the lessor. It will precisely stipulate the guarantees required.

Likewise it will take care of have the goods insured during outward and return transport knowing that these are not guaranteed when there is destruction following an accident or theft in the passenger compartment.

It is also recommended that the renter take out insurance that will cover the entire event.

The device use of cooking barbecue, fireplace or heat sources (gas heaters) are prohibited if it is not equipment specially designed for this use.


Each article should be rendered in its delivery packaging. Each package will be subject to a count on departure and return. Any missing or returned defective will be subject to an additional cost in the same way as the rented goods.

Verification will take place directly at the shop USTENSILES & VOUS if the customer took care of the transport or directly at the place of recovery, if USTENSILES & VOUS took care of the transport. This qualitative and quantitative verification must take place in the presence of the tenant or any other person duly authorized by him.

Any anomaly, breakage or malfunction, Exaggerated wear compared to the specific use observed will be brought to the attention of the tenant who will bear the financial burden.

Any item missing for any reason whatever (theft, loss, breakage, etc.) when returning the equipment will be invoiced according to the rate applied by U&V.

Article 14. FORCE MAJOR delivery related.

UTENSILES & VOUS cannot be held responsible for delays or non-deliveries due to reasons beyond its control or cases of force majeure, such as: bad weather, accident, breakdown, traffic jams, strike, official ban...


In the event that a layout of the contract would be deemed illegal, invalid or unenforceable by a competent court, the other provisions will nevertheless retain their full effect. In the event of a dispute, the parties undertake to meet in order to find an amicable agreement. Failing this, any dispute, of whatever nature, will fall solely within the exclusive jurisdiction of the court of the lessor's head office, namely SAS SCORE Ltd: USTENSILES & VOUS.

Item 16.. Duration - Rental Options - Price:

Rental length options are defined as follows:

  1. Daytime and non-weekend- end: from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.
  2. Weekend: Saturday 2 p.m. to Monday 2 p.m.

Prices will be defined on site in depending on the options chosen by the tenant and according to the established rates.

Prices set include cleaning of finish.

All reservations must close on site, 2 Rue Florence BLUMENTHAL 75016 PARIS.

Article 17. Obligations tenant:

The person signing the rental contract , is responsible for the organized event. It must be present for the entire duration of the planned rental. It is strictly forbidden to sublet and to use a nominee.

The client undertakes to contract all insurance (in particular civil liability insurance) to cover risks of any kind that may arise from this rental of equipment for which he will assume full responsibility and control. U&V cannot be held responsible in the event of loss or theft of objects belonging to the tenant.

Item 18. Cancellation.

If canceled by the customer, it is established that:

  • Balance will not be returned.
  • The balance will be returned if the cancellation takes place maximum 3 days before the date of removal of the material.
  • After this time, the balance will remain acquired at U&V.

Item 19. Cleaning.

Client shall render material impeccably cleaned.

The date of this contract is defined as the day of rules.

The signing of this contract is defined as the day of rules. Date and time:



2 rue Florence BLUMENTHAL

75016 PARIS

SIRET: 946 643 531 00015 APE 4778C